Patented QR Code Verification Solution "Making Verification Simple for Everyone"

Encrypted data from the document to the blockchain.
VeriDoc Global has developed a mechanism to store digital documents in the client’s secured server & send the encrypted data from the document to the blockchain.
In Simple Terms
The digitization of the document involves, extracting data from the document, cryptographically encrypting the data extracted from the client’s record and converting it into the unique hash value of the original source file.
Unique hash is stored on the blockchain
This unique hash is stored on the blockchain and the URL to the transaction record is embedded into a unique QR code which is present on the original document issued by the issuer.
    VeriDoc Global solves problems across multiple industries with the implementation of smart contracts
VeriDoc Global is a Quick Response (QR) Code verification solution using public-key cryptography and blockchain technology.
The main objective is to eliminate counterfeit products and fraud.




VeriDoc HR is a verification solution designed to track employees’ working hours and eliminate timesheet fraud. Due to an increased number of employees working from home, the solution can now be applied to a remote-based workforce as well as traditional businesses. More Info…


VeriDoc Logbook provides venue and business owners with a digital record of everyone visiting their premises. It’s quick, contactless and can be used on any smart device. Perfect for restaurants, offices & venues to name but a few. 


VeriDoc Global has developed a supply chain management verification system that offers
transparency and integrity to supply chains. This system enhances the trust between
stakeholders by leveraging the immutability of the blockchain. The complexities in today’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems reveal huge gaps in product traceability, resulting in inefficiencies as well as counterfeit products


Smart Login enables users to sign into a web app by simply scanning a QR code using VeriDoc Global’s mobile app technology. Smart Login adds extra security by leveraging two-factor authentication (2FA). Only one mobile device can be linked to a user’s account at any one time. Product owners can view all sign-in data including time location stamps, which are recorded on the blockchain for audit purposes. Users can sign out of their web account directly from the app.


VeriDoc Documents Web App is a different solution that is better suited to creating certificates that don’t need to be e-signed.. Users are protected from fake documents by reducing risk and eliminating document fraud. Data on the blockchain is immutable, secure and encrypted for the entire process.  APIs can be developed to communicate directly with the customer’s existing software


Product owners can view all sorts of data relating to their unique implementation of VeriDoc Global technology, including time and location stamps, sign-in data, access logs, device types used to scan QR codes, frequency of QR code scan, the length of sessions and demographics.
VeriDoc Analytics incorporates tools and data from technology partners such as AWS, Google Analytics and VeriDoc Global’s proprietary technology.

VeriDoc Global Scanner

The app lets you verify with a quick scan

If you don’t have a code reader yet, download your Veri Own VeriDoc Global Scanner that can be used not only for scanning VeriDoc Global secured QR codes but also as a code reader for your QR codes and 2D Barcodes.


The Scanner comes packed with the following features

Code Reader (2D Barcodes and QR Codes)
Change of State (COS) Reader
Change of Ownership (COO) Reader
Smart Login QR Code Scanner

It’s available for free of cost and contains ZERO ads to make verification simple for everyone!

Download the app from the links below


The VeriDoc Global Protocol allows users to verify whether a document is true and correct by simply scanning a QR code on the document. Once the QR code is scanned, VeriDoc compares the unique hash value found in the QR code to the unique hash value of the original document stored on the client’s server and the blockchain.

Blockchain technology uses a decentralised network configuration.
Data is replicated and stored on every machine that acts as a node in the peer-to-peer network.
Since the unique hash value stored in the blockchain is incorruptible and can never be modified, it lends itself as a highly trusted reference point for the verification process.

The larger this network, the harder it is to hack the system. You would need to hack multiple computers at once to be able to alter or change the data, compared to a single server which can be targeted.

Developers - Check out our API support and "How To Guide" designed to shape the future of verification.
Shaping the future of verification and security. Begin leveraging blockchain technology today with a Veridoc Global API.