Simplifying expense management, improving financial control, and empowering employees to make purchases for work-related expenses.

Say goodbye to manual expense reports and hello to real-time transaction tracking, custom spending limits, and automated bookkeeping. "Spend smarter. Manage easier. Pleo."

Managing expenses and ensuring financial control can be a daunting task. Pleo is a powerful financial management tool that can help you simplify your expense management processes and gain greater visibility and control over company spending. With Pleo, you can empower your employees to make purchases for work-related expenses while maintaining complete oversight of all transactions.

By providing virtual and physical cards with customizable spending limits and category restrictions, Pleo makes it easy for you to set and enforce spending policies. You can track all transactions in real time and receive alerts for any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

Pleo also automates the expense reporting and bookkeeping process, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the administrative burden on your finance team.

With features such as receipt capture and expense categorization, Pleo makes it easy for your employees to record and submit expenses on the go.

Plus, Pleo’s 0% foreign transaction fee ensures that you can make purchases abroad without any additional fees.

 In summary, Pleo connects your Pleo account to your business bank account, so you can transfer funds as needed helping you streamline your expense management processes, reduce costs, and improve financial control.

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Simplifies expense management
Employee Virtual and Plastic Cards
Real-time transaction tracking
Enhanced financial control
Integrations with accounting software
Track and reimburse any money owed
Find receipts within your email on auto pilot
Maximize your savings with Pleo Cashback.
0% foreign transaction fees
User-friendly platform:

Pay for something online. Fetch finds the receipt automatically in 

Gmail inbox icon Gmail, Outlook inbox icon Outlook Microsoft office icon Microsoft 365 inbox.

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