Superchat is the all-in-one messaging software for your business.

With Superchat, you can build loyal customer relationships,
automate and send newsletters,
sell products, and answer questions.

GDPR-Compliant Utilization of WhatsApp Across the Entire Customer Journey
is the key element of Superchat.

See below how you can transform the way you communicate with your customers utilizing WhatsApp

WhatsApp Chat

Enable contact through WhatsApp QR codes

Manage chats simultaneously with up to eight users in the universal inbox

WhatsApp Click-to-Chat enables customers to connect with your company instantly. By simply scanning a QR code, they are taken straight to a chat window with your business. (Try it above to see how it work )
This QR code can be shared both online and offline.

WhatsApp Newsletter

Create visually appealing WhatsApp newsletter templates that look great on any device, without complex design skills.

Utilize Superchat to easily incorporate media content, buttons, and CTAs, ensuring
engaging newsletters in no time.

Collect & Manage Newsletter Subscriptions

Provide your audience with a simple way to subscribe to your newsletter and manage their preferences
directly within Superchat.

Gathering opt-ins is effortless—set your keyword and generate subscribers directly through WhatsApp.

Monitor Your Newsletter Performance

Track how your target audience engages with your newsletters.

Monitor metrics like open rates and other KPIs conveniently from your dashboard. 

WhatsApp - Google Reviews

Send personalized Google review invitations via WhatsApp

Struggling with poor newsletter conversions?

Not with WhatsApp.

Send curated, automated, and authentic WhatsApp marketing campaigns directly to your target audience.

Are you usually waiting hours or days for a response?

Email campaigns can’t match these WhatsApp statistics. 

95% – Opening rate – 40% – Response rate – 3x  Conversion

Say goodbye to the spam folder.

Most people reply to text messages within 90 seconds.
Plus, unlike emails, WhatsApp messages avoid the risk of ending up in spam folders.

Chatting with customers has never been easier.
WhatsApp & Beyond

Access a universal inbox with one login for WhatsApp Business, Instagram, Live Chat, SMS, and Telegram

Simplify managing multiple communication channels.

Integrate all key channels into a single platform to save time and effort.


Centralized Inbox for All Locations

Manage multiple locations with ease using a unified platform. Customize your inbox structure to streamline communication.

Coordinate all your mailboxes in one software to ensure every message reaches the right contact.

Conversational Support

Be just one chat away. Support your customers at every step by providing the channels they prefer to use.

Conversational Sales

Enhance your sales performance with Superchat. Automate your processes, qualify leads, and drive growth through chat.

Centralized Review Management

Beauty & Wellness
Doctors & Dentists
Finance & Insurance
Driving Schools

Your customers’ opinions are crucial. Superchat consolidates key review platforms into one centralized tool.

Stay informed with real-time updates from Google, ProvenExpert, Trustpilot, and more. 

Send Review Invitations

Remind your satisfied customers to leave a review effortlessly.

Reach out via their preferred communication channel with a review invitation, including a direct link for convenient sharing of their experience.

Comprehensive Online Review Monitoring

Stay informed and never miss a new customer review again.

Receive notifications for new reviews across your key platforms and take prompt action as needed.

Connect Superchat with thousands of possible intergrations through Zapier or Make. 

Looking to integrate Superchat with your database or shop system? Zapier and Make offer the perfect solution. With thousands of possible integrations, you can tailor Superchat to fit your specific needs effortlessly.

Explore the Superchat Messaging API

The Superchat Public API empowers you to customize Superchat to meet your specific needs. Integrate Superchat with your system to enhance customer service, marketing, and more with essential information and functionality.


Revolutionizing Communication

Experience the power of ChatGPT tailored to your company, available in every messenger. Handle every customer request
at any time with responses so convincing, your customers won’t even realize they’re not speaking to a human.