Willo customers see time-to-hire cut by 30% and saves hours of admin in the recruiting process.

Finding an individual with the right skillset is a relatively simple task, but identifying someone with a compatible personality to blend in with a team can be more complicated and arguably more crucial.
Willo provides candidates with a fantastic interview experience through video, audio, and text, allowing them to express themselves as an individual whilst still having the additonal functionality of uploading supporting files like CVs.

*Willo asynchronous format of communication eliminates the need for 2 persons to be present in the communications*


There are 2 main key users of Willo – recruitment companies who hire on behalf of companies & may use it as a “screening tool” to get though large numbers of applicants & then companies who take care of their own recruitment internally & externally. 

Either way Willo is a fantastic *asynchronous virtual video interview platform which helps streamline the recruiting processes but as mentioned below has many other powerful ways to be used within your business.

Willo is also useful for collecting feedback from customers and employees, and requesting video testimonials.
Its inbuilt interview scheduling tool saves time and reduces email back-and-forth.
Willo’s “showcase feature” makes it easy to share potential candidates with team members for review, leading to more efficient hiring.

This saves time, money, and reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

Is their communication skills up to the standard required?
Does their personality suit the role?
Will their personality be a good fit with the rest of the team?
Get to know the person behind the CV.
Do they have the passion for the job on offer or is just another job?
Are they suited better to another role you have available?
Give candidates more than one way to shine so you don't miss the diamond in the rough.

Willo puts the user experience first, creating a streamlined platform for both recruiters and candidates. With a simple, flexible, and accessible interview process, both your business and candidates benefit. Willo puts the user experience first, creating a streamlined platform for both recruiters and candidates.

With a simple, flexible, and accessible interview process, both your business and candidates benefit.

By streamlining the interview process, improving collaboration & accessibility, and offering customization options, Willo can provide significant value to businesses looking to streamline & improve their recruitment processes.

Just five of the reasons why Willo is a powerful platform.
Allowing candidates to respond to the interview when it suits them, and providing multiple methods of response (video, audio, and text), can result in a better candidate experience.

NB: Looking for additional info like a CV, pitch deck, or portfolio?
Request file uploads from candidates, with a generous file size of 25mb.
With the ability to securely share interviews and collect feedback from multiple stakeholders.
Willo can be used on any device and does NOT require ANY downloads, making it accessible from anywhere in the world, even on slow data connections.
Willo allows businesses to customize the look and feel of the platform, ensuring a consistent and familiar experience for everyone and reinforcing the company's brand.
Employers, HR teams, & recruiters get to know the person not just a CV they received resulting in them working more effectively and efficiently.

Allow Willo to handle the invitations and data collection so you can focus on what really matters: evaluating candidates.
Check out the video below to see how easy it is to get started with Willo .

Simply fill in the required info below so we can send you a link to experience “Willo” & the steps a person would go through when using Willo.
This will give you a great insight into how simple & effective Willo is for the user. 

Digital Identity Check

To verify the identity of individuals who claim to be citizens of the Republic of Ireland, Willo offers an additional service, an certified identity check process. Candidates can simply upload a photo of their government-issued ID document and a selfie. We will promptly conduct checks to confirm the authenticity of the document, verify the individual’s existence, and screen for any signs of fraud. Within a matter of seconds, you will receive a comprehensive identity report in both PDF and digital formats, featuring an image of the candidate’s documents and metadata that showcases the certification by our trusted Identity Services Provider (IDSP) .

This is an additonal add-on service that can be intergrated into the interview process or send seperately as a standalone part of the employer / candidate process.
Find out more info, watch a Digital Identity Check video & see the pricing. 

Native Willo Integrations 
Linkedin ~Workable ~ Greenhouse ~ Paylocity ~Oorwin ~AXLR8

Over 5,000 additional integrations at your fingertips
Connect Willo with the tools you already use through Zapier.

As monday.com master builders & zapier experts we can also implement many of the "everday tools" you use including Willo within one amazing platform.

For most companies, digital transformation requires a shift away from traditional thinking and toward a more collaborative, experimental approach.
With our deep understanding of monday.com & new ways of approaching work we help you reveal new solutions & opportunities.

The benefits & outcome ?
Focused, energized & happier staff leading to Increased efficiency, and greater business agility.