An innovative way to secure, share & verify documents using patented blockchain technology.
The ideal solution for organizations of all sizes - great for legal, real estate, financial and bank-related contractual documents.

Save Your Important Documents Seamlessly And Safely in 5 easy steps as below.
Submit Document Upload the document that needs to be secured.
ProofEasy prepares the document for QR Code placement.
Submit Document Upload the document that needs to be secured.
ProofEasy prepares the document for QR Code placement.
Encrypted Hashing A unique hash for the document is generated, and the hash is placed in the blockchain.
VeriDoc Global Security The blockchain transaction ID along with the hash value and the URL are stored in a secure database.
Download & Share The document is ready for sharing between all concerned parties in a secure environment.
Immutable & Verifiable

Keep your original intact
Share unalterable proof of the existence of the document/s
A trusted reference point for verification

A Very Easy Adoption

No learning curve. Start generation in seconds. Simple, transparent drag & drop process
Facilitate submission, approvals

Blockchain Security

The out-of-the-box solution to maintain data integrity. Prevent data fraud and increase trust with blockchain Increase trust with decentralization

Visual Inspection

Enable instant verification on any smart device. Verify data authenticity with a unique QR code. Works for scanned and digital documents

Real Estate

ProofEasy provides a safe and secure interface for real estate agents to send and receive documents in a secure centralized database without requiring enterprise-level software.

Financial Institutions

Send contracts and documents for new products, mortgages and credit card applications without having to meet your client face to face. Business continuity with a few clicks of a button.

Legal and Contractual

Store and organize your legal documents with unique identifiers for each case or client. There is no need to keep loose files and folders – now that you have a centralized database.

Wills and Estate

Secure your most intimate and high-value documents and ensure they are not being tampered with. A great way to rest assured that your documents will keep their integrity after you are gone.

What is Automation?
Automation is the process of applying technology to eliminate as much manual work as possible.
This is what digital tools and workflow automation software are for. Your ProofEasy documents are data.
Leverage it to create smooth automated workflows that run through your business


ProofEasy - Zapier -

ProofEasy API and the flexibility of Zapier-setup enables you to customise your very own setup and integrate the platform to thousands of other apps all within the platform.


Automated processes take a lot less time to be completed than high-volume manual tasks. Luckily, most of these can be automated with ProofEasy & workflow automation software so things get done quicker.

Less admin

When you have software & ProofEasy completing a lot of your time-consuming document-related tasks, there’s less work for your employees. They finally become able to focus on more important tasks that improve productivity.


With the combination of & ProofEasy workflow automation software, you get detailed records of every executed task. If at any time you spot an error, you don’t have to waste valuable time finding out where things went wrong.


ProofEasy completely eliminates the need for paper-based filing systems. This doesn’t just reduce costs and makes things more convenient. It also means a much higher level of security for all your documentation


Automate tedious, manual tasks with automated workflows where the data moves seamlessly between your tools.
Save time and reduce errors by using templates and intuitive questionnaires to auto-generate new contracts


Work with your team or invite external guests to review, comment, and approve your work in one place. Proof Easy & together make communicating easier for your employees, and productivity inevitably increases.

Your Business & Personal North Star

At North Star Consultants we know the hours spent working are important & the hours spent away from work are precious. We are only interested in software that help business owners & their team work on the important stuff & leave the time consuming mondane repetive tasks to tecnnology. 
At North Star Consultants we are here to help empower such great software like ProofEasy to your bespoke needs.
With the help of our experts, you will realize all the other parts of your business that can be automated through the skillful use of

Note to self: “Just because your doing a lot doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot done”.