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Eliminate - Delegate - Automate- Collaborate


Get employees involved.

Seek the involvement of employees, including soliciting their help in identifying issues and problems. Doing so creates buy-in for change. Often, this is organized as specific groups of individuals charged with gathering and relaying information from a wider group of employees.


Find problems.

Using widespread feedback from all employees, gather a list of problems and potential opportunities. Create a list if there are many issues.


Create a solution.

Encourage employees to offer creative solutions, with all manner of ideas encouraged. Implement a winning solution or solutions from the ideas presented & through our knowledge of useful time saving technology. 


Test the solution ? Adopt solution.

Once implemented & with everyone participating in the rollout, test out the solution.

If results are positive, adopt the solution throughout the organization.


Analyze the results.

At various intervals, check progress, with specific plans for who will be the point of contact and how best to keep ground-level workers engaged. Determine how successful the change has been.


Repeat steps above.

 We repeat the above steps on an ongoing basis, with new solutions tweeked to improve even more &  tested where appropriate.  We gather a new lists of problems & find solutions in an ever evolving system of continous improvement. 

A new work environment leads to a happier & more productive team.
The right space, lighting & equipment can make a huge difference.

Establish an ideal physical workplace.

Separate necessary workplace items from unnecessary ones and remove unnecessary items.

Organization, cleanliness and standardization to improve profitability, efficiency, service and safety.

Arrange items to allow for easy access in the way that makes the most sense for work.

Keep the effort going. Events may create a burst of excitement that is shallow and short-lived and, therefore, is not sustained. The effort must be consistant and result in continued improvement. 

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Inspiring others to be better.

Your team is your most important asset and biggest resource so we need to inspire people to follow us. Sharing personal stories with humor, humility & even vulnerability, allows your staff & colleagues to see you as human and thus be inspired by you.


Digital transformation requires a shift away from traditional thinking and toward a more collaborative, experimental approach

Our main aim is to allow people to think more freely, without fear of judgment & encourage open and ongoing collaboration to solve problems & generate innovative ideas / solutions and in turn help implement them