Empower your team to accelerate revenue growth with scalable sales processes.

Yesware’s Outlook and Gmail add-on integrates seamlessly with your inbox, tracking your activity and easily connecting with the tools you already use. 
Yesware helps your team build better pipelines and increase conversions to closed-won opportunities.

Stop guessing if prospects are interested.
Yesware provides a powerful suite of tools for your sales team to track email outreach activity, quickly test what works and what doesn't, and share insights with your team to achieve better results, faster.
Analyze email engagement and activity to identify your most engaged leads.
Identify which emails are effective.
Recognize when leads are interested.
Determine the appropriate amount of follow-up.

Gmail Chrome Extension

Download Yesware for Gmail

Install Yesware in Gmail in just 1 minute
Setting up Yesware in Gmail is fast and easy — just a few clicks and you’re all set. Yesware has even been ranked #1 in G2 Crowd’s “Ease of Implementation” Report.
Yesware for Gmail works with all G Suite accounts and Gmail.com accounts using the latest version of Google Chrome.
Email Tracking

Get real-time open and link-click notifications

Attachment Tracking

See when recipients view attachments

Meeting Scheduler

Schedule meetings without the back-and-forth

Track when recipients read your emails, click on links, or view attachments.
Identify which content engages prospects.
Follow up confidently, knowing you’re not disturbing them.

Email Templates
Quickly follow up with personalized emails

Reporting & Analytics

Discover the best workflows and content

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Build pipeline with outbound campaigns

Source new business in seconds

Are you managing a team?

Yesware provides a thorough pilot program to ensure Yesware solution meets your needs before you commit. 

Personalized onboarding experience

 Dedicated Customer Success Representative

Tailored team training and office hours

Flexible invoicing options instead of credit card subscriptions

Enterprise-grade security and privacy

Yesware is also compatible with Outlook Desktop 2016 or above, and Outlook on the Web with the latest version of Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer.

Outlook Add-On

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