You work in your business 40 hrs +

You work in your business 40 hrs +

My hours spent working are important & the hours spent away from work are precious.

I need help to implement structure, processes, direction & better collabration for myself and and my team.

I want to optimize activities that generate value for my company while getting rid of any inefficiencies through automation where possible & understand these  improvements take time & effort.  

Note to self: “Just because your doing a lot doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot done”. 


I struggle sometimes when trying to get my staff to do their job. Sometimes it's their fault but sometimes mine due to bad communication methods & lack of clear direction given.


My business needs to run more efficiently. Daily tasks take up my team's time & I wish a lot of them could be automated. I need our team to collaborate more productively so our business can be more profitable.


I know what I should be doing but need some help getting it done. I have so many other parts of the business that need my personal attention where I can add real value to my business.


I know there are tools out there that my team should be using to be more productive & which would save us hours each week. I'm not sure which ones work & haven't the time to work out which is best ones to use.
I know I need to implement these technologies but don't know how.

One place where everything is.

My team spends so much time emailing, calling, and in meetings, because we don't have ONE place where all our information is & end up wasting so much time trying to find it, share it, and update it. Collaborating is really a pain & we just keep doing what we know doesn't make sense even though we know it doesn't.